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BrainAt Recycling Unlimited, we believe that people should always be supported to improve their skills so we provide several types of training which is available to all. Acquiring new skills unlock doors to finding jobs and provides a way to meet new people.

 We provide training in English, computers, Freemental health and work with a partner agency to give general workplace experience to many people who are in the market for work.

Workplace experience can be in retail, administration, joinery, horticulture or with our van service.

Best of all, almost all of our training is free to learners. 

PC trainingHow are you with computers? If the thought of a keyboard makes you think of Elton John and touching a mouse makes you scream and stand on a chair, chances are that our computer training for absolute beginners is for you.

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Working through UK Online, we can help Pair on PCsyou to learn to use a computer, access the internet, get yourself an email address or even do your shopping online. 

We also offer free training for people who already have a basic understanding of computers, but who wish to learn a little more.


As we live in a more multi cultural keep-calm-and-learn-english-347community than ever before, learning to speak English is the really important first step to becoming part of the local community.

We have helpful, courteous trainers who can help people to learn basic English. We work closely with other agencies to offer this training to people who are isolated through their ethnicity.

Contact us for more information on the range of training we offer.

For outside organisations, TEFA, one of our partner agencies, offers bespoke training. Please look at their page on this website.