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At Recycling Unlimited, we are dedicated to supporting people with mental health problems and others facing barriers to social inclusion because of physical health problems or ethnicity.

We have always provided meaningful day to day activity for people in the form of voluntary work with us.

Now, thanks to a generous grant from the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales, we are able to offer much much more.

RUSS, the Recycling Unlimited Support Service, is now geared up to provide a comprehensive support package to people.

Starting with an individual support plan, designed aroundself-confindent you and agreed with you, we can now provide life skills development.

This includes confidence building, assertiveness and anxiety management.

volunteerFollowing on from that, if you are looking for work or meaningful activities, we can support you in a short voluntary work taster session, either with us at one of our varied sites, or even at another charity. If you are not interested in that, that is fine too. The main benefit is to feel better about life. 

The pace is not hurried and our team is experienced, friendly and helpful. We find people really enjoy spending their time with us.

We are happy to accept self referrals, feel free to pop in and have a chat to learn more about how we can help you.

If you think this is for you, please download a leaflet by clicking here

If you are working for another agency, you can downloadRUSS signpost a referral form by clicking here.

Guidelines for referral agencies can be downloaded by clicking here.


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