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013The Green Project began life as a pilot project, a Care Farm set up to provide a supportive outdoor environment to enable clients to develop a routine and encourage self-motivation. The site, nestled in rural Holderness, began producing fruits and vegetables in 2007. Since then, the original project developed into an autonomous thriving social enterprise and a highly successful community venture.

014Inspired by the success of the introductory project we set up a further Care Farm project at Woodmansey, near Beverley, in order  to recreate the good work and to reach clients in other communities. The Green Project is a charity in its own right and has made great progress in terms of the success of its pilot project and now establishing a second venture.

The Green Project is supported by kind donations from the public, local business, and maintained through the  dedication of its volunteers.


Horticulture and gardening have an amazing therapeutic value, people who participate feedback to us how much they value it.

The site is maintained by volunteers and participants who are all really proud of the way the site looks, and particularly about the quality of the fruit and vegetables which it produces.

We aim to develop the site further so please ask us for more details on how you can become involved. 

We provide free transport to and from Hull to the site. It is on the A1174 Hull to Beverley road.









The results of all of the dedicated efforts by the co-ordinator, the volunteers and the trainees is visible for all to see...2013-07-19 11.19.592013-07-19 11.18.15

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